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“Joy’s incredible metaphysical and mystery traditions knowledge base serves as the catalyst for absolutely stunning readings. Her insights and her abilities to interpret what is revealed are both beautiful and profound. She is a Tarot practitioner who can lead one up the path towards true personal manifestation…”

Becoming Completely You

Hi! I’m Joy Vernon, a Certified Professional Tarot Reader, Astrologer, and a Teacher of Traditional Japanese Reiki. This site is dedicated to helping you discover, connect to, and express your higher self — the part of you that is a perfect expression of who you really are — the part which is completely you. 

Astrology and Tarot

Astrology helps you know yourself. And when you're not yourself, learn why and for how long. Tarot readings offer insight, direction, and clarity. Astrology sees the big picture while tarot fills in the details.


Soul-exploring and mind-expanding classes in tarot, astrology, Reiki, qabalah, esoteric tarot, mythology, ceremonial magic, meditation, and other related esoteric studies.

Experience and Expertise

Joy offers over 25 years' experience. Her expertise in qabalah, astrology, and esoteric tarot, combined with a rare synthesis of knowledge and intuition, provides you incomparable accuracy and detail.

The Empyrean Key for Personal Transformation

My specialty is a system I developed called Empyrean Key Transformational Guidance, which combines tarot, astrology and energetic initiation to help you break through blocks and align yourself with your higher purpose to achieve your goals. This 3-step technique puts the power in your hands, because with my expert guidance, you do your own work to understand yourself by analyzing the symbols of your natal chart as expressed through the suggestive art of the tarot cards, a process similar to unraveling the mystery of dreams. Following my step-by-step process, you then develop a personalized symbol that you can use prayerfully or playfully to manifest your desired change in your life. As our last step, I will perform a spiritual blessing for you, energetically initiating you with the symbol you developed. I also provide meditations, rituals, and fun practices that offer a variety of ways for you to continue and deepen the work on your own. It takes a savvy, creative, and courageous client to perform this difficult but revealing work, so I do not accept all applicants to this program. I am not taking Empyrean Key clients at this time, so please schedule another type of reading, or contact me to apply for my next opening.

The Opening of the Key for Pinpoint Accuracy

I am known for my strengths with The Opening of the Key, the masterpiece of all tarot readings. This complicated spread starts with a general overview, then proceeds to pinpoint where in your life you need to focus. Then through an intricate series of steps based on ancient esoteric symbolism, a unique array of cards surrounding one pre-chosen to represent you comes into play, giving you your unique guidance. This spread easily delineates complicated situations and questions about tangled areas of life. This in-depth, layered, and increasingly detailed reading can only be successfully performed by the most skilled readers. I have the rare combination of knowledge and intuition few readers can equal to bring you definitive clarity regarding your quest in life.

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