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Welcome to the Tarot Tree House! The Tarot Tree House is a tarot approach to climbing the Tree of Life. It is a unique learning experience that encourages participation on a variety of levels. This one-year program focuses specifically on teaching a qabalistic approach to tarot (understanding and reading the cards–practical learning) and a tarot approach to qabalah (understanding and striving to connect with the Divine–spiritual growth). Learning is offered on a variety of levels–and price points!–so that you can pick out the degree of interest you have and the level of commitment you’d like to make.

Topics will include:

  • Minor Arcana Pip Cards–We’ll start off with a series on qabalistic numerology–the only numerology that works with the tarot. We’ll gain an in-depth understanding of each of the numbers 1 through 10 (yes, 1 through 10–this is a different style of numerology!) and how these meanings can be clearly seen in the Minor Arcana pip cards.
  • Court Cards–We’ll engage in a detailed examination of the qabalistic, elemental, and astrological correspondences of the tarot’s face cards. This covers everything you need to know about the court cards and more than you’ve ever found in books!
  • Major Arcana–Lastly, we’ll be doing tarot pathworking, exploring the Major Arcana one-by-one as they fit the paths of the Tree of Life, opening up vastly different realms of knowledge and wisdom.

The blog posts will cover more info than you’ve learned in years of book study, because they will be based not only on my extensive research and decades of study, but also my own meditations on each card, plus my ongoing everyday application of my discoveries in client readings for my full time business as a tarot reader and teacher.

See the flyer.

The Tarot Tree House will launch on June 30, 2016! You can preview it now on Patreon. If you’re interested, please join Patreon and follow me, then pledge when the campaign launches. Thank you!