Tarot, Reiki, Astrology: Which Session Should I Book?

  • Tarot Readings are great for getting insight into a particular problem or decision. My reading style is inspiring, compassionate and motivating. Transformation happens through insight and a new perspective.
  • Reiki Sessions help relieve physical ailments and pain, help you find emotional and energetic balance and centeredness, provide an overall energetic recharge, and allow relaxation. My Reiki style is very quiet and meditative and has been compared to the yoga nidra or psychic sleep experience. Transformation happens on a very deep energetic level.
  • Astrological Chart Readings are best for getting a sense of the broad strokes of your life and can focus on current relevant planetary influences (transits) when appropriate. Astrological Chart Readings are also helpful for identifying ongoing or repetitive life challenges and discovering how to reframe these blocks as foundational strengths. My reading style seeks to discover the highest expression of your personality so that you are inspired to step into your true, authentic self. Transformation occurs through reframing your sense of self.
  • Tarot and Spiritual Dowsing is a process in which we use the tarot to discover what’s holding you back from your desired outcome, and then release those blockages using a pendulum. We then fill in the empty space with the vibration of Divine love. Transformation is on an energetic healing level as you release blocked energy and welcome change.
  • Empyrean Key Transformational Guidance combines these different modalities to help you break through blocks and align with your higher purpose to achieve specific personal goals or spiritual growth. You discover the key to your ongoing transformation and how to bring yourself into alignment with it on a perpetual basis.