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Tarot Readings are great for getting insight into a particular problem or decision. My reading style is inspiring, compassionate and motivating. Transformation happens through insight and a new perspective.

Tarot Testimonials

Great first time Tarot reading

Had a great first time Tarot reading with Joy. I would absolutely go again.

Mac K.

Back on my path in life and excited for the future

Wow…, listened to the recording of our session today, loaded with so much information and points that were right on and accurate. The astrology and tarot were of great help and I feel I’m back on my path in life and excited for the future. Thank you so much!!

Richard MacArthur

Clarification, guidance and direction

I wish to let everyone know that I just had a ½-hour Tarot and ½-hour Astrology Reading with Joy. TOO AMAZING!!! I have had my astrology chart done before and was always confused with what was said or described about me. My birth chart seemed to be describing someone else…what?!? Shouldn’t your birth chart describe… Read more “Clarification, guidance and direction”

J McNevin

A fresh perspective

Joy has been reading Tarot for me for years. I have always had phone readings because we are 1000 miles apart. Her readings have always been amazingly accurate for me. Whether it is about money, a job, or my love life she always has very astute insight into the inner workings of my life. She… Read more “A fresh perspective”

Holly V.

Thank you

Thanks so much for doing our readings the other night! I needed to hear some of those things.

Satisfied Client

Accurate and insightful

I had heard that Joy was an excellent reader and found this to be very true. Her accuracy was amazing plus her insight and advice were extremely helpful. She is truly a gifted and trusted reader who I will continue to use.

Satisfied Client


I had a tarot reading by Joy yesterday and it was fantastic! I would recommend anyone who wants to know what tarot is about to see her.

Satisfied Client

Clarifying and shifting

Thank you for the amazing session. It was clarifying, shifting and wonderfully appreciated.

Satisfied Client

Transformational reading

Thanks for the superb, helpful transformational reading. I really appreciate it.

Satisfied Client

Settled some questions

Thank you! I still am amazed at how much it settled some questions in my head. Great stuff.

Pinna G.

I feel like I could talk to her about anything

My experience with Joy was AWESOME! As it was my first tarot reading, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Joy is very pleasant and approachable. (I feel like I could talk to her about anything)She takes her readings very seriously and puts herself into her work. really. I highly recommend (:

Michelle L.

Wonderful and Funny

Joy was wonderful and funny. She hit exactly on things that were happening in my life and gave insight on how I should proceed in certain areas. Sometimes you can get someone who isn’t accurate or asks too many questions. Joy lets the cards do the talking. I’m looking forward to future sessions and guidance.

Alicia M.

Precise and Accurate

I loved my session with Joy. She is fantastic. Joy took her time explaining each card and it’s meaning. She was precise and accurate as she explained the cards as it pertains in my life. I highly recommend a visit with Joy, just for fun or if there is something troubling you. I plan on… Read more “Precise and Accurate”

Annie K.

Honest and Compassionate

It’s a joy to write a review for Joy. She’s professional, intuitive, skilled and compassionate. She’s honest in conveying the message, yet compassionate to you as the listener. If you are hesitating getting a Tarot reading with Joy I say drop the resistance and go for it. I am happy to have had the experience… Read more “Honest and Compassionate”

Danielle C.

Precise to describe my current situation

I enjoyed having my reading with Joy. She was precise to describe my current situation and gave me few tips I can use to make things better for me. Thank you very much.

Lena C.

Absolutely stunning readings

Joy’s incredible metaphysical and mystery traditions knowledge base serves as the catalyst for absolutely stunning readings. Her insights and her abilities to interpret what is revealed are both beautiful and profound. She is a Tarot practitioner who can lead one up the path towards true personal manifestation…


Her accuracy and skill are remarkable

Joy is a highly intuitive reader. Her accuracy and skill are remarkable.

Elaine N.

Thoroughness and Sincere Thoughtfulness

I have been privileged to know Joy for several years and am always astounded by both her profound understanding of tarot, astrology, and Kabbalah, as well as her continual drive to expand her knowledgebase. These attributes, accompanied by her thoroughness and sincere thoughtfulness, make her an expert in the truest sense of the word. I… Read more “Thoroughness and Sincere Thoughtfulness”

Dara B.

Intuitive intelligence

I have known Joy for over 5 years, and her tarot readings are told with intuitive intelligence. She presents her readings in a story manner, which helps to show a full circle perspective to the concern or question. She also pulls from all doctrines, kabbalah, Druidry, Wicca, Christianity to help you understand the story. Not… Read more “Intuitive intelligence”

Holly C.

Reading the heart

You provided me with some confirmation and insights that were very helpful. A lot of people can read cards. Not nearly as many can read into someone’s heart (energy) with the level of sensitivity and compassion you have.


About the Tarot

Images of myth
form your personal story
to help you reach your goals

The tarot is a powerful tool that uses beautiful images of myth and story to bring the subconscious to the surface, where we can communicate with it. The cards are laid out in a pattern, called a spread, which creates unique relationships between the cards. These relationships between the tarot archetypes form your personal story, providing guidance in the choices you will make on your path. The future is not set in stone; we create our own future every moment of every day by the choices we make, from the smallest daily habit to major decisions involving love, family, career, health and wealth. The tarot can provide insight and advice, even offering specific steps to help you reach your goals.

Tarot Readings

Insightful knowledge
empathy and healing
will speak to you

Joy’s knowledge, communication and healing speak to your many facets. Joy’s deep and insightful knowledge of tarot is the result of years of metaphysical study in symbolism, history, qabalah, astrology, natural philosophy, mythology and alternative healing. Joy complements her comprehensive academic knowledge of the cards with an intuitive and empathic style of communication and powerful energetic healing skills to provide you with a multi-level reading that will speak to many aspects of your self and your life. Joy especially enjoys doing readings that focus on psychological and spiritual growth.

Details on scheduling an appointment for a tarot reading in Denver or by phone or e-mail.

Tarot Classes

Learn the metaphoric language of the cards
through cultural immersion
to find your unique tarot voice

Joy teaches a unique style of reading that focuses on learning to understand the metaphoric language of the cards through a close analysis of the unique symbols of whichever deck you choose to study. Joy likens her teaching methods to learning a language through cultural immersion, rather than memorizing vocabulary in a classroom. She says, “Your grammar may not be as precise as a student who spends most of the lesson conjugating verbs, but the personal rewards of being able to communicate in a new way are immense... You will learn to speak with the cards first, and then when you begin to listen to them, you will see that they have so much more to say than the stuttering of memorized phrases.” Her hands-on, fun and interactive methods provide students the opportunity to learn to trust their instincts, become confident reading from any deck, practice using patterns in the cards to tell the story of a spread, and ultimately to find their unique voice as a tarot reader.

I offer beginning, intermediate and advanced level classes, including classes integrating tarot with a variety of esoteric philosophies such as qabalah, alchemy, and astrology. I also teach "Tarot as a Spiritual Practice" and "Tarot and Healing."

See the schedule of current tarot classes in Denver.

Tarot Reading List

These are my favorite resources to consult about the tarot. They reflect my interest in mythology, qabalism and the esoteric tarot. These are the books I consult when developing my tarot and qabalah classes and which I recommend to my intermediate and advanced students.

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