Clarification, guidance and direction

I wish to let everyone know that I just had a ½-hour Tarot and ½-hour Astrology Reading with Joy. TOO AMAZING!!!

I have had my astrology chart done before and was always confused with what was said or described about me. My birth chart seemed to be describing someone else…what?!? Shouldn’t your birth chart describe you? FINALLY!!! Joy’s astrology chart reading was incomparable. The chart described me ‘to a T’ and also clarified what I have been going through for the past couple of years and what will be occurring this year. Thank goodness…I discovered I’m not crazy (although I do already know that)!

Then, Joy’s Tarot reading answered and clarified my direct concern/question…and boy, did I get an answer! The answer made total sense and gets me back on track in my life (something I’ve been needing for the past couple of years).

I am so glad I booked the reading and thank you, for letting me share my thoughts. Your knowledge and thoroughness throughout the reading brings clarification, guidance and direction for my upcoming year.