Testimonials from my tarot and astrology clients

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Took the time to answer my questions and was great at explaining

Joy was very accommodating and personable. The reading was done in a very comfortable and non intimidating environment. She took the time to answer my questions and was great at explaining. Thank you so much for a wonderful visit, I will be coming back soon!

Maria P

Great first time Tarot reading

Had a great first time Tarot reading with Joy. I would absolutely go again.

Mac K.

Back on my path in life and excited for the future

Wow…, listened to the recording of our session today, loaded with so much information and points that were right on and accurate. The astrology and tarot were of great help and I feel I’m back on my path in life and excited for the future. Thank you so much!!

Richard MacArthur

Clarification, guidance and direction

I wish to let everyone know that I just had a ½-hour Tarot and ½-hour Astrology Reading with Joy. TOO AMAZING!!!

I have had my astrology chart done before and was always confused with what was said or described about me. My birth chart seemed to be describing someone else…what?!? Shouldn’t your birth chart describe you? FINALLY!!! Joy’s astrology chart reading was incomparable. The chart described me ‘to a T’ and also clarified what I have been going through for the past couple of years and what will be occurring this year. Thank goodness…I discovered I’m not crazy (although I do already know that)!

Then, Joy’s Tarot reading answered and clarified my direct concern/question…and boy, did I get an answer! The answer made total sense and gets me back on track in my life (something I’ve been needing for the past couple of years).

I am so glad I booked the reading and thank you, for letting me share my thoughts. Your knowledge and thoroughness throughout the reading brings clarification, guidance and direction for my upcoming year.

J McNevin

A fresh perspective

Joy has been reading Tarot for me for years. I have always had phone readings because we are 1000 miles apart. Her readings have always been amazingly accurate for me. Whether it is about money, a job, or my love life she always has very astute insight into the inner workings of my life. She also often recommends follow-up action that is very helpful. I would highly recommend her to everyone who wants a fresh perspective on their life issues.

Holly V.

Thank you

Thanks so much for doing our readings the other night! I needed to hear some of those things.

Satisfied Client

Accurate and insightful

I had heard that Joy was an excellent reader and found this to be very true. Her accuracy was amazing plus her insight and advice were extremely helpful. She is truly a gifted and trusted reader who I will continue to use.

Satisfied Client


I had a tarot reading by Joy yesterday and it was fantastic! I would recommend anyone who wants to know what tarot is about to see her.

Satisfied Client

Clarifying and shifting

Thank you for the amazing session. It was clarifying, shifting and wonderfully appreciated.

Satisfied Client

Transformational reading

Thanks for the superb, helpful transformational reading. I really appreciate it.

Satisfied Client

Settled some questions

Thank you! I still am amazed at how much it settled some questions in my head. Great stuff.

Pinna G.

I feel like I could talk to her about anything

My experience with Joy was AWESOME! As it was my first tarot reading, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Joy is very pleasant and approachable. (I feel like I could talk to her about anything)She takes her readings very seriously and puts herself into her work. really. I highly recommend (:

Michelle L.

Wonderful and Funny

Joy was wonderful and funny. She hit exactly on things that were happening in my life and gave insight on how I should proceed in certain areas. Sometimes you can get someone who isn’t accurate or asks too many questions. Joy lets the cards do the talking. I’m looking forward to future sessions and guidance.

Alicia M.

Precise and Accurate

I loved my session with Joy. She is fantastic. Joy took her time explaining each card and it’s meaning. She was precise and accurate as she explained the cards as it pertains in my life. I highly recommend a visit with Joy, just for fun or if there is something troubling you. I plan on going to see her again and again!

Annie K.

Honest and Compassionate

It’s a joy to write a review for Joy. She’s professional, intuitive, skilled and compassionate. She’s honest in conveying the message, yet compassionate to you as the listener. If you are hesitating getting a Tarot reading with Joy I say drop the resistance and go for it. I am happy to have had the experience of a reading with her and strongly believe others will be too.


Danielle C.

Precise to describe my current situation

I enjoyed having my reading with Joy. She was precise to describe my current situation and gave me few tips I can use to make things better for me. Thank you very much.

Lena C.

Absolutely stunning readings

Joy’s incredible metaphysical and mystery traditions knowledge base serves as the catalyst for absolutely stunning readings. Her insights and her abilities to interpret what is revealed are both beautiful and profound. She is a Tarot practitioner who can lead one up the path towards true personal manifestation…


Her accuracy and skill are remarkable

Joy is a highly intuitive reader. Her accuracy and skill are remarkable.

Elaine N.

Thoroughness and Sincere Thoughtfulness

I have been privileged to know Joy for several years and am always astounded by both her profound understanding of tarot, astrology, and Kabbalah, as well as her continual drive to expand her knowledgebase. These attributes, accompanied by her thoroughness and sincere thoughtfulness, make her an expert in the truest sense of the word. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Dara B.

Intuitive intelligence

I have known Joy for over 5 years, and her tarot readings are told with intuitive intelligence. She presents her readings in a story manner, which helps to show a full circle perspective to the concern or question. She also pulls from all doctrines, kabbalah, Druidry, Wicca, Christianity to help you understand the story. Not only do I come away having a better understanding of the question or concern, I also learn about the cards and how universal, no matter what the doctrine, the messages are that they teach.

Holly C.

Reading the heart

You provided me with some confirmation and insights that were very helpful. A lot of people can read cards. Not nearly as many can read into someone’s heart (energy) with the level of sensitivity and compassion you have.


Testimonials from my tarot students

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Most of the testimonials from my students come from the evaluation forms I hand out the last day of class and so are anonymous. But sometimes I can provide the name because the student contacted me directly and gave me permission, or because class participants publicly posted their comments on Meetup.

You might notice that some of the comments here use phrases that you've seen in my marketing materials--no, the students didn't just regurgitate back the flyer when rating my classes--I took my advertising copy from my student testimonials! It was the most effective and accurate way for me to express what real people find beneficial in my classes.

If you've taken a class with me and would like to share your experience (and your name!), I'd love it if you would add a testimonial using the form in the sidebar.

The exercises were very engaging and helpful!

The exercises were very engaging and helpful!

It made me use both sides of my brain

It made me use both sides of my brain at the same time….am looking forward to the next class.

Exactly what I wanted!

This helped me focus on the images and symbolism—not the book meanings—which is exactly what I wanted!

It challenged me

That was a great part of the course – the interesting lessons. It challenged me and I appreciate that.

I feel thankful for this course

I feel thankful for this course. I truly got out of it what I had hoped to and now am excited to keep learning and improve my skills by reading for myself in my own spiritual practice as well as others. Joy is a fantastic teacher with amazing, original exercises that are both profound and fun! Her wealth of knowledge is seemingly endless, as she draws on many esoteric traditions, mythologies and spiritual practices. I highly recommend this course!

I enjoyed every class

Joy Vernon is a generous, creative, inspiring teacher who genuinely cares about her students. I enjoyed every class and looked forward to the next. I miss them.

I learned a lot

Just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was taking the classes with you. I learned a lot.

Depth of material, great hand-out, loved it all

Very interesting!! I liked best the depth of material, great hand-out, loved it all.

Helpful techniques that are easy and make sense

I learned many helpful techniques that are easy and make sense. Part 3 of the Major Arcana exercise was difficult, but I really enjoyed the mythology part.

I have learned so much from this class!

In the beginning, I didn’t know anything at all, but I had a deck. Now, everyone that I have met in the tarot group is so impressed with where I’m at. I loved the course so much I signed up for the year! I have learned so much from this class! I loved everything! The Major Arcana assignment was a little stressful, but it was an excellent learning tool.

I feel much more confident

I feel much more confident reading the cards. I love the class and all of the people.

I liked being with fellow enthusiasts

I enjoyed the course very much. I wish I would have had more time to put into it. I liked best learning about all the signs and symbols and being with fellow enthusiasts.

The class stretched my imagination

The class stretched my imagination and thinking, which I didn’t really expect.

Innovative + fun + interesting

Innovative + fun + interesting. All the topics were interesting and insightful. I really enjoyed the unique style.

By far the best tarot class I’ve taken

I feel as though I can read any deck intuitively now. I have taken several tarot classes and this is the first one that I feel that I have gotten anything positive out of. Awesome! The exercises were fantastic and your help and willingness to help me get past my blocks were just wonderful!! By far the best tarot class I’ve taken.

I’ve learned about the tarot as well as about myself

When I started I thought my understanding was pretty good. After going through the class I realized so much more and my level of understanding went up tremendously! I liked best that you taught us that the perception is our own. You teach the way each of us can perceive the cards and how for each of us that is true and correct. A very enlightening class. I’ve learned about the tarot as well as about myself.

I’d recommend the class to everyone!

My favorite was the last exercise, because it showed me how much I’ve learned. I always felt lost but was actually learning more than I realized. I’d recommend the class to everyone!

My mind just opened up!

Joy’s Art Gallery exercise illuminated new ways to see and read my tarot spreads – my mind just opened up!

G. Tucker

Creativity in teaching

I liked the creativity in teaching the best and the fact that the course has come to an end the least!

The instructor helped me to stretch my ability

The best thing about this class was the instructor helped me to stretch my ability by using my intuition. I love the idea of telling a story.

I am addicted

I am addicted. Using the visual images as the information forces you to think and draw on experiences and intuit meanings. I LOVE THIS CLASS <3

“No right answer” approach

What I liked best? The “no right answer” approach. I think this course should be called the “Joy of Tarot” 🙂

Connecting with the cards on many levels

Connecting with the cards on many levels (imagery, form, color, elements, etc.) was the best.

Information discovered rather than given

I liked the facilitated discussion best, that learning is led, information discovered rather than given.

I find something new in every class

Even having read tarot for pushing 22 years, I find something new in every class that enhances my experience with tarot, and I am very grateful for that and the great energy of the group!

Joy has a gift for awakening the reader

Joy has a gift for awakening the reader in even the most beginning student. She has had to wean me off of the books which, I think, is her biggest challenge and top goal.

I learned more self-sufficiency

I’m getting a lot out of this course so far. Like any good introductory course, it first makes you feel like you know less about the Tarot than you thought, and then proceeds to give you tools to rebuild your knowledge – teaching how to fish instead of simply giving the fish. Sure, there are lots of cookbooks with definitions galore, and they do provide plenty of fortifying information, but here you provide a format in which one can learn to operate with more self-sufficiency. Already I feel much more confident in my readings than before and am very eager to put this approach to practical use.

John A.

Great for process and insight.

The structure of the session this time unfolded some powerful layers I’ve been experiencing, put a finer grain to them. Great for process and insight.

Jordan H.

A very excellent lesson that worked in a surprising way

A very excellent lesson that worked in a surprising way. I feel that I am truly learning something valuable that I can use for the rest of my life…

John A.

Very much a learn-by-doing experience!

The exercises offer great perspective – very much a learn-by-doing experience!

Trish E.

The symbol association exercise was brilliant

The symbol association exercise was brilliant…a bit like my first real lightsabre training session, where I was surprised I actually could ‘feel the Force.’ Perhaps I will become a Tarot Jedi before the six weeks are out.

John A.

I’ve really learned how the cards speak for themselves

I have learned tons, and while I’m a long way from ever being a professional reader I’ve really learned how the symbols and elements in the cards speak for themselves.

I can feel my little tarot brain expanding.

…my “spiritual academia” is really thriving, thanks to your truly rigorous class!! I honestly appreciate the hard work and high expectations you hold over our heads. I have never worked so hard re: ‘esoterica’ before, and the pay off so far has been amazing. I can feel my little tarot brain expanding.

(Joy has) an artistic flair for teaching tarot

(Joy has) an artistic flair for teaching tarot the likes of which is rarely seen.

I would recommend this class to anyone!

I would recommend this class to anyone!

I have come much farther in my own understanding

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every bit (of the course) … and have come much, much farther in my own personal understanding of the cards, their symbolism, meanings, different interpretations, and how to really get the most out of a reading.

I feel more confident

All of it was interesting. I enjoyed everyone’s different perspectives too. I feel more confident. I liked your biosphere exercise–a good way of understanding the cards. I wish there were more classes!

Really good groundwork to start building from

I feel like I got some really good groundwork to start building from. I enjoyed the course very much. It was interesting and I had fun and learned some new stuff. I like how you (taught us to) come up with our own interpretations and trust our instincts.

Listening and learning

What I liked best about this course was listening and learning. I’ve had my cards read by many people. Now I can do it for myself and friends.

Interactive aspect was great

Interactive aspect was great. The way you showed us how to interpret by what the card holds is very helpful. Thanks Joy!

I would recommend this class to a friend

If this class is offered again I would recommend a friend take it. Also, if the class is offered with more information I would be interested in taking it.

Information not available in books

Instructor had some information not available in books I have read.

New insights

I’ve read before (the last year or so semi-professionally), and the class continued to provide new insights into the tarot. Books are fine, but real learning requires interaction and conversation that this course provides.

What most impressed me was the creativity

Joy is an excellent instructor. What most impressed me was the creativity of the exercises she used to convey the concepts that we used in class. She incorporated mythology, practical everyday knowledge, and intuition into her teaching methods, and was effective in communicating those insights into her class. Her classes are also energizing and challenging.

Testimonials from my Reiki clients

peaches 300 sqr

Aches and pains disappear!

Joy has been really great! Her Reiki sessions have helped me to de-stress and have helped some aches and pains disappear!

Janet LeRoux

Great experience, still buzzing!

Received fantastic energy transfer and blessing from Joy! …. Great experience, still buzzing!


Greatly eased my pain

After an auto accident I had, Joy did an excellent Reiki session for me that greatly eased my pain.

Brian P.

I look forward to more sessions

I have had the pleasure of having several Reiki sessions with Joy. The treatments that she has given me have not only affected me physically, but emotionally and spiritually, as well. My healing process has been accelerated as I have gone deeper into my being with Joy’s assistance. I look forward to more sessions with her in the future!

Peter R.


My Reiki session with you was transformative. I’ll be back for more.

Dena Z.

Testimonials from my Reiki students

Reiki featured image 300

An excellent instructor

Just loved it! Joy is an excellent instructor and I really liked the new meditations and energy moving techniques I learned at the session. Thanks so much!

Becky M.

Like a weekend retreat

It was a great experience — it felt like a weekend retreat with all the meditation we did.

Jessica B.

A qualified, thoughtful teacher

Joy is a qualified, thoughtful teacher. I always leave this group having learned something helpful.

Fredda L.

Transformative for me both spiritually and physically

Joy’s Level I & II combined Reiki class – and Reiki in general – has been nothing short of transformative for me both spiritually and physically. The 6-month format of the class allowed me to receive consistent guidance and professional hands-on instruction to fully develop into an effective Reiki practitioner. I am so happy to bring healing and relaxation to my friends and family now with Reiki! Thanks for a great class!

Eva E.

Absolutely exceptional!

Absolutely exceptional! I highly recommend to everyone interested in learning Reiki. I always knew there was more to Reiki, but Joy is the first one who has been in the space to share the deeper levels of this great wisdom practice with me. Thank you Joy!!